Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feargal.. on the move!

Feargal has made his way to a new temporary home!  Knowing that Diane was going to be at the local Lace Day, I took the opportunity to pass him along to her.  He had some good times while he was with Rebel and me..
He hung out with BellaLuna and her family,
He visited a Haunted House...
But the sad day came when he was to leave us. He said goodbye to Rebel,
...he said goodbye, along with Miss Scarlet, to Conor and Rory...
They were presented with some gifts to take on their travels. Here is Miss Scarlet with the Celtic Heart a Tat...
And then, OH NO.. they were attacked by a zombie!
                           But, luckly, leps are very brave and fought her off immediately! Yay!
I hope Feargal has a great time with Diane, and her lep! He will be missed!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Someone else is excited about Shuttlebirds too!

Brenda "Blathnaid" is coming to Shuttlebirds again. She had so much fun the last time! She has been a great little leprechaun helper. I must say, (and I mean no offense to the boys) but girl leps are so much less troublesome than the boys. My Brendan is still off gallivanting around the world...I wonder if he'll ever come home.

If you are totally lost, I'll take a moment to catch you up. Brendan is my first Leprechaun. He came to me when I lived in South Korea. He is very adventurous and mischievous. I took him to Vietnam and it was there that he decided to part ways and go on his own. Every now and again I hear word about his travels. He is after all "Brendan the Navigator".
I missed him though so when I got back to the States his sister Brenda came to live with me. She is "Brenda the stay at home". Her Gaelic name is Blathnaid. She is stylish and organized...(two things I am not)...and although she loves a good joke (like all leps) she is more mild mannered than her brother. She is here to stay!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello and Happy Christmas Eve!!

...the surprise I received a little early this year???

A visit from the world traveller, Feargal! Yep, the little lep has come to visit Conor and Rori for the holidays!  I can already imagine some of the fun he will have, but as you can see, he has already taken to Rebel, and vise versa! Rebel even gave him and the other boys a ride! Stay tuned to see what other adventures, and Christmas surprises, he has in store!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blathnaid get mail

Blathnaid received a lovely card from Ciarran and although I don't think she likes to admit it, it made her heart flutter just a bit. She and I have been so busy designing new shuttles that we nearly let St. Patty's day come and go without notice. Well at least I did (I am deeply ashamed to admit), and she is too well mannered to make a fuss about it. Had it been her brother Brendan, well...., he would have given me a proper and well deserved "what for"! So it's a good thing he is still gallivanting across the globe. Whew!
Thank you Ciarran!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blathnaid gets a makeover

Since my little lep was such a help to me throughout my difficult pregnancy I decided to give her a little makeover.
Blathnaid aka Brenda, sister of Brendan the Navigator (who is off on his own adventures)has a new hairdo.
What do you think? It's a very modern asymmetrical bob. She wanted something stylish yet easy to maintain. Also, for her one year anniversary as a member of the Pence clan, I gave her a pearl necklace to match her pearl earrings. And for Christmas I decorated her leprechaun hat.

Blathnaid loves Piccadilly (naturally) and she likes to watch over baby to make sure I am doing a proper job as mum!
Just thought I would share. Since Blathnaid has been so quiet these past few months we don't want her leprechaun cousins to think she went off on her own adventures (like her brother) or, heaven forbid, become an uppity snob. Quite the contrary, she has been busy helping me with this and that.
She wants to make sure I tell all her lep cousins, "Happy New Year"! So lep moms across blogland please let your leps know that Blathnaid says "Hi".

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Danny

Danny wishes everyone a very Mickey Christmas!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Leps at Palmetto

Danny, Feargal, and Miss Scarlette all came with me to the Palmetto Tatting conference. Friday morning, Danny wanted to tell me something, but seemed to be having trouble getting started. Finally, as tactfully as he could, he said, "We've already seen all of your class projects. Instead of coming to class with you, could we explore on our own? We promise not to get into any trouble." Leps not get into trouble? Especially with their history of diving into the thread bins in the vendor room? Needless to say, I was dubious until Scarlett promised to keep an eye on them. Sure enough, I did not hear any reports of misbehavior. Well, there was a rumor of leps swinging from the flower arrangements, but Danny said, "Not me!" and Feargal said, "Not me!" and even Scarlett said, "No, ma'am," so I had to believe them.

At the banquet, if the boys started to get too rambunctious, Miss Scarlett had only to raise her eyebrow or shake her head, and they would settle down immediately. Amazing. So I had to believe they had been good boys.

It was just the three of them at first. Fergus was feeling under the weather and had to stay home. Ciarran was there, but was staying off campus and they kept missing each other. Finally they were all together at the same time and place.

What a sweet reunion!

Danny knew all along that it would be time for Feargal and Scarlett to move on to their next visit. As they went away with Ciarran, he smiled and waved goodbye, and I pretended not to notice that his chin was starting to quiver a bit.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Danny's Visitors

(copied here from Martha's blog entry 8/12/2010)

Danny was surprised by a visit from Feargal and Miss Scarlett. They had timed their visit so they could travel with Danny to Palmetto TatDays. "You are going to have so much fun!" he said. Since they were tired from the journey, at first they just sat and talked. Danny enjoyed hearing all about their Grand Tour and getting news of his cousins. (Miss Scarlett noticed how he especially perked up when they were talking of Maebh, but she didn't say anything.)

Then Feargal was ready to unpack and show off his skateboard. Danny tried hard not to look envious. Then he showed them around the apartment, and suddenly Feargal stopped and said, "What is That?"

"That's the book stapler," said Danny. "You have to jump on it real hard to staple a book. I can do it, but it may be too difficult for you." (Leprechauns are naturally competitive, if you hadn't noticed.)

But Feargal's eyes took on a strange gleam. "That's not a stapler, that's a skateboard ramp! I can skate down that, turn a flip in the air, and land."

"Oh wow! I've got to see that," said Danny, now obviously awed by his elder cousin.

"You musn't," said Miss Scarlett. "It's too dangerous!"

"It will be great!" said Danny.

"I can't look," said Miss Scarlett.

"Here goes!" said Feargal.

Feargal skated down the ramp at great speed, but what came next wasn't exactly a flip in the air. In fact, it was nothing like a flip. Suffice it to say, it's a good thing he is a magical being, so he was not injured in the fall.

Danny said, "That was awesome! Can you teach me how?"

Boys will be boys....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cupid's In Town

The Cat alerted me to a disturbing event this morning.

Disturbing only to The Cat, that is. Maebh had been up very early and had been bored, so she turned on the computer to check out some sites on the diseases of bats - her current interest being chiropterology.

 For some reason she had opened my blog by mistake, and that is when The Cat saw that she was fixated on a photo of ...  who's that, but Feargal, Miss Scarlet and Danny!

The cat tried to get her attention as she was rivelted in front of the screen for a LONG time. She paid him no heed.  He just shook his head and came to get me.

I could not grab her attention either, and I noticed 
she had an odd, dreamy look on her face.

The cat gave up and went back to sleep and missed Maebh's happy mood when she finally relinquished the computer.  I had to check the weather I informed her so she handed over the controls. Finally.

She was in such a good mood, she even checked my cluny tatting and told me I was doing "brilliantly!"  Nice words from Maebh.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Palmetto Tat Days

Leprechaun Edition

"Fall Into Tatting"

August 27-28
GA Baptist Conference Center
Toccoa, GA

Look who is already signed up!

CiarranVA, USA
DannyNC, USA
Fergus OgNY, USA
Miss ScarlettCORK, IRELAND

5 registered for Tat Days 2010!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feargal, Miss Scarlett, Oisin and Isaac

With cameo appearances by 5 of the 7 dwarves.

The first collage shows Oisin and me swapping rides. I like his car pretty well and he loves my skateboard. Hey, Mum. Do you see me in your thread? I thought you were here. In fact, I insisted you were. Oisin's mum finally figured out that I was detecting your presence from your thread. She let me play in it for a while. I miss you Mum!


This one is when we first met Isaac after his nap. He is a very busy little boy! Oisin's mom made sure he was ever so kind to us and no damage was done. He likes to help Oisin with the skateboard. He tried to help me, but I don't need any help! He loves Miss Scarlett. I think in the picture he is saying, "My Miss Scarlett." Oisin's mum promises she will be continuing to travel with me even though she likes her very much too.


These are some of my new "peeps." There are two more but they are camera shy. Isaac likes to stand them up and knock them down. They don't seem to mind at all. NOT ME. We Leps didn't take part in that!

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I hope you enjoyed these pictures. There will be more, I am sure.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


One day this week I walked down the drive to see if the post had per chance arrived.
I was checking the traffic with not a little fear when two wee voices reached my ear.
I looked in the mailbox and what should appear but an envelope screaming, “We’re in here, we’re in here!
We can hardly breathe and it’s terribly hot. Wherever we were headed, this can’t be the spot.”
I’d heard a rumor of a Leprechaun traveling ‘round so I suspected the source of this indignant sound.
I tore open the envelope with excitement and trepidation. Would it bring happiness or cause a sensation?
Inside was a box that said “open here” on the end. I did so and out popped dear Feargal and his friend!
Gasping for breath and bent at the knees he said, “This is Miss Scarlett. She is traveling with me.
My name is Feargal, my mum sent me on tour. She said I’d find Oisin, my cousin, behind your door.”
“We are most glad to see you”, he said wiping his brow, “but I just can’t talk anymore right now.
Could you bring us a cold one and let us sit a spell? We have lots and lots of stories to tell.”
I brought them inside with their traveling gear and whispered, “Be quiet”, in Feargal’s ear.
“Our Isaac is asleep and you’ll have no cooling down if he finds another Lep has come to town.
He’ll be up soon, as will Oisin. Let’s get you both cooled off and you’ll be ready for them.”
I didn’t give him a cold one which might seem mean, but a Lep drinking alcohol isn’t a good thing.
We had some ice tea with lemon and a sprig. I thought Miss Scarlett was going to dance a jig.
We got them settled and went through their treasures. So many things of beauty it was hard to give measure.
Treasures from his mum and souvenirs to take back, the box is getting heavy. It is packed, packed, packed!
By this time my boys were coming awake and I wondered how long the discovery would take.
Not long at all, as luck would have it. The Leps danced with glee and Isaac had a fit!
Oisin introduced Isaac to his visitors with glee. They were all so intrigued no one even noticed me.
Isaac is having some trouble with Feargal’s name but he’ll get it just the same.
“Miss Scarlett” rolls off his tongue and sends me to giggles. (I don’t think he learned that accent from watching “The Wiggles.”
I settled them down with some cookies and cold milk. Miss Scarlett said it tasted like silk.
Then up from the table for fun and games. My living room will never be the same.
I’m not sure who is busier, 2 Leps or a boy, but they rode every car and played with each toy.
They told stories and laughed until Isaac’s mum arrived and then the trouble started like a working beehive.
You see, Isaac was “reluctant” to leave the celebration but knew his mum would hear no protestation.
He tried with his granddaddy and he tried with me, but we never interfere with mum, no indeed!
Isaac went home and Miss Scarlett said “goodnight.” The Leps stayed up talking until first light.
They had lots to catch up on and questions to ask. Granddaddy finally had to take them to task.
“Now you have stayed up all night and a new day is here. Isaac will be back and you are not ready – it is clear.
You’d better nap quickly and catch a few winks. Our boy will be ready to work out the kinks.”
They had barely dropped off when what did appear, but Isaac and his mum. “I’m here, I’m here. Where are my Lep friends and where is Miss Scarlett? I want to play. Let’s get started!”
Thus the first day of Feargal and Scarlett’s visit, but it’s not over yet, now is it?

Laura Blanton
July 17, 2010

(Pictures to follow)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Feargal and Scarlett's Memory Board New Mexico/Arizona!

Feargal and Scarlett landed in Silver City New Mexico around about April 23rd.....they had so much to do...including going to Tucson, Arizona on a mercy mission that they only just left on May 28th...bound for who knows where.....all I can tell you is that it's north!!

Oh my the pair of them had such a good time...from the very first hug with Donnacha.

Feargal and Donnacha had set off south down Broadway in Silver City. They admired the old-fashioned Victorian Era street lamps, and laughed about the very uneven sidewalks and the very high curbs. They were glad for the ramps that someone had made just for their visit!
Miss Scarlet, however, had a surprise spa day as a treat (and a retreat from playful Leps) and Feargal and Donnacha headed downtown. . . .South on Broadway at a brisk pace towards Silver City's Authentic 1800's Buffalo Bar! Which of course, is no place for a lady; even one in a red dress.

The boys had intended to check out the Buffalo Bar, a place of renown (some good, some not as good) and local hangout for Bikers, Hippies and Cowboys. But they were just a few steps away from Curl Up and Dye when they began to be intrigued by the art in the windows of the galleries. 
Oh my, there was so much to be seen as they darted in and out of each Gallery on Broadway and they ended up on Texas Street. Their feet were beginning to be a bit weary, so they stopped in at the next Gallery.
Oh boy the stuff they saw in ANIMAS  was an eye opener for Feargal...I am surprised that he didn't have nightmares.

All too soon they headed off to Tucson Arizona, where they were much needed when Donnacha's 'Dad' had an 'op'.
They made themselves useful looking after Mom between hospital visits and making her laugh!

Feargal was gobsmacked when Donnacha got a present of a skateboard. Both boys had been green with envy when they had seen Blathnaid on her snowboard.
Feargal was insistent that he might have some sort of a board and could do as well as his Idaho cousin's snowboard! Leprechaun's apparently are rather jealous and want to 'keep up' with one another.
The good news is that Donnacha decided to give him the skateboard....aren't Leps wonderful!
When 'Dad' was well enough to go home, they all went back to Silver City and life on the ridge.

I wonder where they are headed, and wish them a safe landing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Danny's Vacation, Part 2

Danny has turned out to be a real lover of the outdoors.

At Magnolia Plantation, he enjoyed the Nature Boat ride...

....where he saw birds....

....and alligators.

The next day we stopped at Edisto Memorial Gardens...

...and the adjoining wetlands park.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Danny's Vacation-Part 1

Danny really enjoyed our recent vacation in South Carolina, even though being from Ireland, he was a bit less interested in the historic parts than the rest of us.

His favorite part was lunch at an Irish pub.

Being a little shorter that the rest of us, he was the first to notice this beautiful little drinking fountain in White Point Gardens....

...and this lovely lady in front of an antique shop.

Here he is on the Fort Sumter ferry, with another ferry boat in the background.

Like many native Charlestonians, he enjoyed walking on the Ravenal bridge over the Cooper river.

Here he is on the bridge with downtown Charleston behind him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feargal sends more stuff home!

Feargal's first stop was in Zurich,Switzerland to visit Finnbarr, they both moved on to Toronto where they left Maebh behind and were joined by Scarlett.
Feargal and Scarlett traveled on to visit Donnacha in Silver City, New Mexico, also going for a stay in Tucson, Arizona and are now back in New Mexico. That's Ok with me, he can stay as long as he is needed.

Postie recently brought a parcel of Feargal's 'stuff' from his time with Finnbarr PLUS some other lovely goodies obtained for me....unobtainable in my neck of the woods.
You already saw the Myra Piper book in my last post.

 Here we have .....Feargal's Swiss suitcase, and his cowbell.
Gorgeous new Teal colour SewMate all time favourite shuttles, lots of floss threaders for loading beads onto my why don't we have them here???
Wonderful samples of Turkish metallic threads, Altin Basak Nakis Simi....I am using them in my current project! and they work really well.

Isn't the shamrock that Finnbarr's mom tatted pretty?
Tadgh wanted to show off Feargal's stuff.

He thinks that the suitcase is perfect for sitting on at the airport waiting to check in.

 He reckons that if a chap didn't mind getting his hat squished...he could travel in it....and not need a seat!

Tadgh was horrified when I asked him to sit on a pile of moose droppings, a bit slippery but taste delicious was his verdict.
 Tadgh is enjoying Feargal's time away!!