Monday, June 1, 2009

. . .whereupon the mischeiveous Donnacha escapes!

Where's Donnacha? That's DH on the right! What a guy, lifted me right up on the counter at Big Bear California's, Big Juan's eatery.
We love chocolate ~ Right?

Really, I wanted Carmel Apple Crisp

"On the road again. . "

This is me ~ right next to her favorite Tatting bag!
My name is Donnacha (my Human calls me Dom; because she has a very short memory and can't remember Donnacha...I TELL her..."It's like Don likes nacha's ~nachos? " She says, "it's tradition; you come from over the sea and someone in the USA gives you a new they did on Ellis Island in the 1800's""
Leps love travel...I enjoy looking at the exotic places my cousins have gone! Sometimes Mom goes to Wal-Mart; but really, how exciting can that be when it's the only clothes store within two hours? I don't mean to insult where my human lives...but it really isn't anything like the end of the rainbow! She keeps asking herself "Why?"

Then, her paisley Roly Poly tatting bag went into the purse with many zippers....and she huffed and puffed for a whole week! Filling two suitcases, a bigger tatting bag; and, I hopped inside! Right beside the tatting bag. I knew she'd be getting that out and would find me and.....maybe, just maybe she'd take some pictures of me! We might go someplace exciting and then I could share with my cousins.
We left New Mexico and drove through Phoenix and got to Wickenburg, Arizona ~ and ate!
I really, really hinted about getting a Carmel Apple Crisp. Later, she gave me a Snickers candy bar which I did not have to share with that little beastie, Sara. The next morning we got up very early and I saw cotton tail bunnies hopping across a parking lot!
We drove all day long, eight hours! And came to Big Bear, California ~ where we ate! The food was just too spicy for me but I did enjoy the fountain and having my picture taken. I wonder why the people looked at Mom's DH so much when he moved me around the fountain for pictures. I mean, haven't they ever seen a leprechaun?
I don't know where we will be next. I want to see the lake, I want to meet Mom's cousin...I want to eat out again and get some dessert. I can't wait for tomorrow...I'll let you know what happens ~ I'm so excited....hummm, do I smell chocolate?