Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feargal.. on the move!

Feargal has made his way to a new temporary home!  Knowing that Diane was going to be at the local Lace Day, I took the opportunity to pass him along to her.  He had some good times while he was with Rebel and me..
He hung out with BellaLuna and her family,
He visited a Haunted House...
But the sad day came when he was to leave us. He said goodbye to Rebel,
...he said goodbye, along with Miss Scarlet, to Conor and Rory...
They were presented with some gifts to take on their travels. Here is Miss Scarlet with the Celtic Heart a Tat...
And then, OH NO.. they were attacked by a zombie!
                           But, luckly, leps are very brave and fought her off immediately! Yay!
I hope Feargal has a great time with Diane, and her lep! He will be missed!