Monday, May 24, 2010

Danny's Vacation, Part 2

Danny has turned out to be a real lover of the outdoors.

At Magnolia Plantation, he enjoyed the Nature Boat ride...

....where he saw birds....

....and alligators.

The next day we stopped at Edisto Memorial Gardens...

...and the adjoining wetlands park.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Danny's Vacation-Part 1

Danny really enjoyed our recent vacation in South Carolina, even though being from Ireland, he was a bit less interested in the historic parts than the rest of us.

His favorite part was lunch at an Irish pub.

Being a little shorter that the rest of us, he was the first to notice this beautiful little drinking fountain in White Point Gardens....

...and this lovely lady in front of an antique shop.

Here he is on the Fort Sumter ferry, with another ferry boat in the background.

Like many native Charlestonians, he enjoyed walking on the Ravenal bridge over the Cooper river.

Here he is on the bridge with downtown Charleston behind him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feargal sends more stuff home!

Feargal's first stop was in Zurich,Switzerland to visit Finnbarr, they both moved on to Toronto where they left Maebh behind and were joined by Scarlett.
Feargal and Scarlett traveled on to visit Donnacha in Silver City, New Mexico, also going for a stay in Tucson, Arizona and are now back in New Mexico. That's Ok with me, he can stay as long as he is needed.

Postie recently brought a parcel of Feargal's 'stuff' from his time with Finnbarr PLUS some other lovely goodies obtained for me....unobtainable in my neck of the woods.
You already saw the Myra Piper book in my last post.

 Here we have .....Feargal's Swiss suitcase, and his cowbell.
Gorgeous new Teal colour SewMate all time favourite shuttles, lots of floss threaders for loading beads onto my why don't we have them here???
Wonderful samples of Turkish metallic threads, Altin Basak Nakis Simi....I am using them in my current project! and they work really well.

Isn't the shamrock that Finnbarr's mom tatted pretty?
Tadgh wanted to show off Feargal's stuff.

He thinks that the suitcase is perfect for sitting on at the airport waiting to check in.

 He reckons that if a chap didn't mind getting his hat squished...he could travel in it....and not need a seat!

Tadgh was horrified when I asked him to sit on a pile of moose droppings, a bit slippery but taste delicious was his verdict.
 Tadgh is enjoying Feargal's time away!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feargal's Surprise

Feargal and Donnacha flipped a coin to see who would get to ride the skate board first and surprise Loyal during their visit. They entertained him by riding up and down the nice counter by the window. Feargal was insistent that he might have some sort of a board and could do as well as his Idaho cousin's snowboard! Leprechaun's apparently are rather jealous and want to 'keep up' with one another. Arizona is a little short on snow but long on sidewalks!

Feargal was the first to go and Donnacha followed. Scarlett says she may give the skate board a try when no one is looking. She also wants to try out the BMX Bike that was added to Donnacha's toys.

Of course, if there is food to be chosen, the boys are bound to become involved. They both voted for the Chocolate cake for dessert. They helped DH choose his menu for the next meal.

EATS! The Day before the trip to the hospital, everyone enjoyed a healthy, breakfast at "The Good Egg". This is BJ's favorite place to have breakfast! The food is good and the service is terrific.
Although everyone was tired on Sunday, when we arrived, the kids wanted to go to Applebee's to eat dinner. Of course, it wasn't Wed. night and Feargal was insistent that he and his "peeps" were definitely not children! But they enjoyed their rack of ribs with spicy, chipolte bar b cue sauce. Feargal decided in New Mexico that he was a big fan of RED Chlies; but, Donnacha fancies GREEN…Ms Scarlett declined the hot offerings but enjoyed a mild, carnitas enchilada without chilies of any color!

Although the visitors are having a really good time, they are making plans where to travel next. However, Tucson will be their home for a bit longer and then on to
----------------------oops! They won't TELL but all cousins should be alert because they might arrive at your doorstep in a week or so…BJ doesn't want to slow up their progress and they are so FULL of energy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Note to Maebh ~ Feargal says, "Please, do not worry"

Maebh is a 'bit concerned' about Feargal's checking out nail polishes~

NOT TO WORRY, says Fergal...I was merely helping BJ choose THIS BRIGHT RED, called "It's Raining Men" ~ she says that it is also a song! The beautiful pendant on BJ's hand was done by Judith Conners of Australia...