Saturday, May 1, 2010

Note to Maebh ~ Feargal says, "Please, do not worry"

Maebh is a 'bit concerned' about Feargal's checking out nail polishes~

NOT TO WORRY, says Fergal...I was merely helping BJ choose THIS BRIGHT RED, called "It's Raining Men" ~ she says that it is also a song! The beautiful pendant on BJ's hand was done by Judith Conners of Australia...


  1. "Ahhh," says Maebh, "Beeeuuuutfuuul! I love red!"

  2. What lovely hands that model has got! She must be a movie star!

  3. You ladies are VERY humorous. Don't you just love the liver spots? Between the times that they poked around with IV lines, and misspent youth in the sun…it's a warning to others to COVER UP! LOL
    But I am thankful they still are able to work a shuttle and I do like my nails, I must admit. Sometimes they are red and sometimes they are black and sometimes you never know what color they might be…Lavender? LOL love, Bev

  4. Yes, lovely long fingers! She must play the piano.