Friday, April 30, 2010

Continued: Feargal and Donnacha find the Day of the Dead

Feargal and Donnacha had set off south down Broadway in Silver City. They admired the old-fashioned Victorian Era street lamps, and laughed about the very uneven sidewalks and the very high curbs. They were glad for the ramps that someone had made just for their visit!
The boys had intended to check out the Buffalo Bar, a place of renown (some good, some not as good) and local hangout for Bikers, Hippies and Cowboys. But they were just a few steps away from Curl Up and Dye when they began to be intrigued by the art in the windows of the galleries. Oh my, there was so much to be seen as they darted in and out of each Gallery on Broadway and they ended up on Texas Street. Their feet were beginning to be a bit weary, so they stopped in at the next Gallery.

ANIMAS!!!!! The boys discovered a plethora of Mexican Art, most of which honored the holiday, The Day of the Dead. But they rested by familiar figures of Saints. It was carved wood and gilded. Some was made with tin, all were brightly colored.
Donnacha always has an eye for the girls, but Feargal was still thinking of the Lady Lep in Toronto. They did think the ladies could have eaten a bit more food for they seemed to be quite thin!
Donnacha and Feargal sat down with one of the 'older' dead ladies and she told them the significance of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico; and indeed, in most of New Mexico. Donnach bought a little treat for Feargal's Mom; he tried to choose one that wasn't so 'spooky' and well...bony!

This is where Bj, Miss Scarlett and Rebekah found the Leprechauns... spread out and being told the history of the area and about the Day of the Dead....


  1. This is quit the cultural mélange! Maebh is beside herself with envy at this foray into Mexican art. She claims to have once been a member of a famous Mariachi group.

    Also, she is miffed at Feargal, concerned about his recent fond regard for the nail polish. 'It is just not seemly for a Leprechaun,' she was overheard mumbling to The Cat.

    And then there is the Spa... Do not get her stated on that. Jealous beyond belief and cannot stop gazing at the beautiful Miss Kelly. It is going to be a long week...

  2. Ah, Maebh need to know that Feargal was helping bj choose a color!
    So it is seemly that he would be 'helping' out because as Maebh well knows; It is a Leprechaun's Duty to tell the mortals what to do..
    Also, Maebh is welcome anytime to come and be treated to Kelly's lovely pampering! Perhaps this will shorten your week! LOL I'm not too sure Cat is a good 'ear' for Maebh…cats are so all about themselves….but then, Leps are, also!
    Oh My…The 3 feeling rather cooped up today; but, tomorrow is the journey to Arizona…that should be exciting!