Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feargal's 3rd stop!

I was out last evening and came home to an absolute plethora of good news in my in lips have to remain zipped on some of it.....but I can reveal that Feargal and Scarlett landed safely in

Oh my goodness
I have been watching the relevant blogs since he set off 9 days ago...wondering where he was heading.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw where he was/is! He couldn't be staying with a nicer Lep.

Feargal looks so happy to see his bro' again.......and is up for the adventures to be had in Silver City...even the name sounds exciting.
You can read all about his arrival here and follow his further adventures as they unfold on this blog and also on this blog.
There are still a few leprechauns out there who may be going to miss out on a visit.....your names and addresses ARE in Scarlett's little green bag but they wont be activated unless you leave a comment with a pressure!

Meanwhile while Feargal was in the air, not worried in the slightest by volcanic ash, Maebh had other fish to fry.

She was watching over the safe delivery of Mini Boss and causing quite a stir with her all important presence. Here she is guarding the baby carriage.

I can't begin to imagine how proud she is feeling.............
she looks awfully smug!

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  1. Finian says Comment,comment,comment.
    We want a visitor too! Please,Please Please!
    Connie and Finian in New Jersey
    Oh and I'm Happy to see Scarlett and Feargal in New Mexico,Ridgetatter is someone I've always wanted to meet too!