Friday, April 9, 2010


It is so very late, but I have been instructed to tell Tat-land about the fantastic thing that just happened!
I was invited to dinner with Feargal, visiting Toronto on his world tour and dining with Finnbarr,  his brother from Zurich.  Imagine my surprise, when I realized what these two Leprechauns were up to after dinner, which was, by the way, out of this world -  superb!

Finnbarr was out of control

These two were really overdoing it, not impressing their friend, who gazed on with a bit of disdain, sitting with her legs crossed and shaking her head as she watched their antics. She  is a Leprechaun named MAEBH, who has shown up most unexpectedly.  


Yes, I can hardly believe it myself!  I must use Jane's word: gobsmacked!  That' s me!

To be honest, I knew I was to meet Feargal and Finnbarr, but in my wildest dreams I never expected to be owned by a Leprechaun.  And now, I realize that it will not be all easy - especially with one that has such a fierce personality!  She has insisted I inform Tat-land of her arrival before I sleep and it is 2:00a.m.! Maebh does not care. ' Type,' she insists.  Ah, what can I do, but her bidding?  

Feargal has gone to sleep.He got sleepy after planning what he wants to see, while he is in Toronto.  It is quite a list.  He snores loudly, by the way.  Could wake the neighbours.  Don't know how I will ever sleep tonight.  

 He checked out right after he finished his list, but Maebh wanted to see her new digs and was insistent on meeting her new sibling , THE CAT.

She will not call him, by his given name.  'Maybe another time', she said.

It went well.  Actually, Maebh and THE CAT spent several hours getting acquainted, and seem to have a lot in common.  Maebe will not tell me what they discussed in such low whispers, yet, in spite of their growing rapport, she still will not utter his name.

Meabh is a wonderful.  She is the first leprechaun to be allowed to wear a skirt!  A bit of a rebel, headstrong, and named after .......   I'll tell you all this later. Stay tuned.

Good night, or rather, good morning, from Feargal, me
 Isn't she the sweetest thing?

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