Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cormac has been hanging out in my office ever since St. Paddy's Day. The pics didn't turn out very well and he thought I'd try for another photo opportunity or at least that's what he told me. I think he just liked eavesdropping on the gossip! He's nestled in the honey sticks and mint chocolate stir sticks that I keep for my tea.

He thought he was in American Heaven - a pot of silver! (minus the rainbow) Truly it was only a bowl of Hershey's Kisses, but chocolate is as good as any pot of gold or silver, isn't it?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fergeal's additions!

Just gotta get a few things straightened out. My mom just got a CD full of photos...only another 286..that's all. She got a fab photo of them there Giants at the causeway.

Just look at those lips!!

I sneeked a look and found a photo of my mom. She hates photos of her but serves her right. You can see how tight she is holding on to me!!

Do I look like I am going to do a runner!!

Some of you have been asking about Toastie...well he is one special little bear. He came free in a winter survival pack from a well know tissue manufacturer. he came in a padded bag inn the post and all over the outside in big letters was written...

I'm here let me out!!

So we have always had to be real careful not to suffocate him.

He is a Hug me better bear

He has a hole in his back and inside him is a bag of wheat seeds that can be heated in the microwave and then when they are put back he is is Toastie warm inside.

Well the other advantage of the bag of seeds is that when he is going on holiday he can be eviscerated...ouch!! so he is very light. When he gets where he is going he usually gets a sock stuffed inside him to make him feel more human!

Here is a sketch she did of him in a jumper that he borrowed...

Here he is in real life on one of his holidays..crossing the Irish sea....

and on a coach. You should never travel without a stuffie!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fergeal's Wonderful Weekend! Part 3.

The lady who had the Antique Lace brought in some more..this time bobbin lace. I had a good look. She said that it was ok to show these pictures. I wanted top learn as much as possible.

This one is Honiton Lace...gosh what eyesight they must have had.

There was a lady making bobbin lace

Good heavens all those bobbins!!

My mom was given a job...they told her to untangle all these threads!!! she didn't do it tho!!

The most fun that I had was when we went into a shop! and i found a lot of books that were soooh interesting.

Oh my he looks ugly!!, I never did find out what the truth was as she wouldn't buy it for me!

This one isn't quite so scary but doesn't look much like me.

But can ya see what it says on the back.. I am learning stuff here that I never knew !!!

Just in case ya can't read!! this is what it says.....

Leprechauns are supposed to know where pots of gold are buried and they guard this sectet very well. They are very hard to ensnare, and if you manage to catch one then you must hold him very firmly and never, even for a second, take your eyes off him, because in the blink of an eye he can dissapear and will use every trick he knows to be warned!!

Ooops! Brendan must have know this!! No wonder she held on to my feet at the Giants if I would!! Some of us know when we have a good thing going!!

One more book to read and this one looks like fun!

My mom showed me to the man behind the counter and he said that I was too tall to be a how does he know that????
She told him tho', she said "He is a Cork Leprechaun, we breed them tall there!!"


Well she caught me trying to run off with she bought it for me!!

I soon got rid of those chocolate imposters!.....

and now its MINE..all mine.

I'll be seeing ya!!

Gotta tell ya about Toastie request!