Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fergeal's additions!

Just gotta get a few things straightened out. My mom just got a CD full of photos...only another 286..that's all. She got a fab photo of them there Giants at the causeway.

Just look at those lips!!

I sneeked a look and found a photo of my mom. She hates photos of her but serves her right. You can see how tight she is holding on to me!!

Do I look like I am going to do a runner!!

Some of you have been asking about Toastie...well he is one special little bear. He came free in a winter survival pack from a well know tissue manufacturer. he came in a padded bag inn the post and all over the outside in big letters was written...

I'm here let me out!!

So we have always had to be real careful not to suffocate him.

He is a Hug me better bear

He has a hole in his back and inside him is a bag of wheat seeds that can be heated in the microwave and then when they are put back he is is Toastie warm inside.

Well the other advantage of the bag of seeds is that when he is going on holiday he can be eviscerated...ouch!! so he is very light. When he gets where he is going he usually gets a sock stuffed inside him to make him feel more human!

Here is a sketch she did of him in a jumper that he borrowed...

Here he is in real life on one of his holidays..crossing the Irish sea....

and on a coach. You should never travel without a stuffie!


  1. Hi Carol. Thank you for visiting my blog a few weeks ago. Wish I could've gone to Ireland with you. Are you Irish? I might have a small drop of Irish blood, no one knows for sure, but my Birthday is on St. Pat's day and I spent my youth thinking I was so I have always had a fondness for leprechauns and have a collection of St. Paddy's stuff and lots & lots of clover. Love that stuff!!!!

  2. Hi Sherry, Conor is Carol's lep, he is one of Fergeal's cousins. Fergeal has lots of siblings who live all over the world....see previous posts.

    Fergeal and I live in Ireland tho' we are not Irish. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed Fergeal's exploits.

  3. Ooops! Sherry Just realised that there are 2 Carols with Leps who have been posting, the other one is William's mom!

  4. Hi Fergeal. You have been having lots of wonderful adventures! Wish I had been there to enjoy them with you. You be very glad your mom holds on to you so tightly. Horrible things could happen! She did a great job on the sketches of the stuffy. You be sure and tell her I said so. Love, Aunt Laura

  5. Hi Pamela, Lovely pictures! I bet Fergeal is a runner. I'd want to take off and explore all the beautiful places you take us on your adventures.

    Nice job on your Toastie drawing! I have a heart shaped pillow that has rice in it that you can warm in the microwave when you need a heating pad. I like it, but a warm bear would be better to hug!!

    Have a great week!