Monday, September 14, 2009

Leprechaun Reunion at Palmetto

Danny was really looking forward to going to Palmetto. Any trip away from home is good, but this one was special since he could visit with some of his cousins. Fergus arrived on Thursday as well, and they had a great time.

They quickly located the chocolate in the hospitality area.

They found some nice greeting cards.

They thoroughly explored the vending room, starting with the silent auction table.

Remember how Danny liked to play in the ball (of thread) pool at Hector? He taught the game to Fergus. Tracy Jackson of the Lacemaker of Cortland OH came over to see what the maniacal laughter was all about, but she let them keep playing.

More fun climbing the display rack on Georgia's table.

Finian arrived later. They had a fine party Saturday night.

They got to meet Georgia!

They stayed up very, very late since they didn't want it all to end and go home the next day. They promised to meet again next year.