Friday, April 9, 2010

Leprechauns at Canada Post

I was planning to shower, leave for work, and then mail the package to Gina at lunchtime.  When I was ready  to leave home, the package was GONE! I was quick to see ( I am NEW at this, after all) that the Leps were missing as well. Not a good sign, I deduced.

Not to worry.  They seem to have made out all right.  Feargal hailed a cab outside my apartment - apparently his  "TAXI" whistle caused a commotion with the crossing guard; he was nearly arrested for disorderly conduct, but Maebh sweet talked the officials on the scene...

They made it to the Post Office and Esmeralda was kind enough to give them a hand and make sure that Gina's package was properly stamped. Thanks to Feargal and Maebh, the book is on its way to Gina!


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