Friday, April 30, 2010

Donnacha, hid behind Feargal as they perched on Kelly's shoulder, while Miss Scarlett rested below. Kelly is the proud owner of Curl up and Dye..THE place to be pampered in Silver City, New Mexico! Kelly's ear rings aren't bad either! She LOVES ear rings...the longer the better! She is Donnacha's Mum's stylist and good pal.

Miss Scarlett gave some thought to hair color; but, decided just to have a good wash and her hair pinned up in it's accustomed style.

AT CURL UP AND DYE Kris greeted Feargal and Ms Scarlett with a big smile. Feargal was very interested in seeing what was to be had; but, discovered he didn't need a haircut! Miss Scarlett chose a massage, a rest in the sauna and a pedicure; but, before the boys left, Fergal had to check out the many colors of nail polish available. Donnacha was happily looking magazines.

Miss Scarlet, however, had a surprise spa day as a treat (and a retreat from playful Leps) and Fergal and Donnacha headed downtown. . . .South on Broadway at a brisk pace towards Silver City's Authentic 1800's Buffalo Bar! Which of course, is no place for a lady; even one in a red dress.

First a pore-cleansing, relaxing dry heat Sauna...
One quick look, and the door was closed! Of course, privacy is required for the undressing.

Next a trip to the massage room, where Miss Scarlet was rather plaintive about having to strip down; .after, learning she could not just cover up with the towel.
Feeling quite refreshed and back into her proper clothing...she settled down to have a pedicure. Her feet were so sore from chasing around after the busy, busy leps. Ahhhh...the foot bath
Oh my, how good the warm bubbles felt on her feet and toes. And a nice creamy massage followed...Miss Scarlet has found heaven! No polish please, I'm a very natural person.

The time had passed so quickly and Miss Scarlett and BJ had begun to worry about what sort of mischief the two Leps from Ireland may have found! Rebekah, Bj and Miss Scarlett hopped into the car and headed downtown. Much to their dismay the boy's were not at the Buffalo bar, nor had the been seen there. Oh my! Where could they be????

Rebekah reasoned that since Silver is a town of Art Galleries of all sorts, that they'd better start checking out each one. Since Rebekah is the person who mats and frames at Las Animas, she suggested they start there...and so they did!

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