Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feargal's Memory Board 1

Tadgh and Nollaig are following our intrepid adventurer's exploits with a mixture of envy and fear.
They decided to set up some Memory Boards for Feargal's return so that he will never forget his
World Tour.
Finnbar had thrown the mother of a hooley to celebrate Maebh meeting Fox (a partnership to end all partnerships!!).

Feargal swears that Finnbarr tripped over that bottle as he has never touched a drop in his life...before.
Secretly I think he was still intoxicated with Maebh (she who intoxicates).
Finnbarr surely was.......he was INSISTING that Maebh stay with him!!
as if that would do any good...
Maebh just sat and watched the two lads make fools of themselves!

Finnbarr reckoned that he would win her heart
he is taller that Feargal,
has more hair,
and is younger!!

Dream on Finnbarr...   Maebh has other fish to fry!
Eventually Maebh moved into her new home....which she shares with THE CAT.....apparently she refuses to use his name.

You can read ALL about it on Fox's blog here.
You really should.....she has a way with words.....

more anon...


  1. Oh what fun and mischief these leprechauns are getting into!!