Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy International Tat Day!

Today, April 1, is not only April Fool's day, it is more importantly International Tat Day! A day for tatting, and eating chocolate! Well, today, I have done both. I got up this morning and had a thought, then the thought turned into a vision in my mind.. then it had to come out in tatting.. and here it is.
The newest member of the leprechaun family... Baby Talun! As you can see, Conor found him in the Easter decorations! What a surprise! Rory was so happy, just look at his face! Talun is in his pastel green swaddling blankie, with a shamrock on it. The lads were so happy to see him, they took turns holding him..

Then, finally they decided to pose for a family photo. Such a wonderful Tat day gift!

1 comment:

  1. Batatter you are something else, he is wonderful.He is going to start a whole new generation of lovely leps.
    Look after him well.