Friday, March 26, 2010

Feargal touches down!

Feargal landed yesterday at the first stop on his Grand Tour!!!
It was such a relief to know that he is safe.
Where is he????
Visiting his bro' Finnbarr,
in Zurich, Switzerland.

Finnbarr used to live in Dublin with his new mum Suneeti.....but.....
they have moved to Switzerland.

Wow what will he get up to among the Gnomes of Zurich!!

Tadgh and Nollaig have just got home form a visit to Northern Ireland....we will show you if we have time.
I asked them if they missed Feargal....... 
What do you think? 
they both said, in unison,
this is the first time we have ever got to go on a trip!!!

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  1. Great!! I can't wait to read about Feargal's travels!!