Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Alert! Lep Attacked!

I have a horrid tale to tell! I was mortified the other night when I came has taken me TWO days to recover! Well, let me start at the beginning.

You may remember I brought Cormac home from my office where he had been visiting and getting to know my coworkers, guarding my microwave and teapots. It was Christmas, after all, so I brought him home and he found a favorite spot nestled in my tabletop chimes, a gift from a dear friend. It was a good partnership - Cormac and the chimes both being gifts from special friends, and he could see almost EVERYTHING from this vantage point. Once I took all the Christmas stuff down, he had all kinds of room to move around.

This weekend it was so very nice and I decided it was safe to open up the drapes and let some sunshine in! They are nice thermal drapes and keep the cold out but we were all badly needing some sunlight so I opened them up and left them that way. I came home the other night, Monday night, and was admiring the open feeling in the living room when I happened to glance down at the carpet.


There was poor Cormac! His hat was nearly torn off and he was crouched down in a fetal position. Oh, who could have done this dastardly deed? Was he all right? I knelt down beside him and gently turned him over.

Ah, I should have known! He's a hardy lad! He was all smiles and I picked him up and set his cap back upon his head. No scratches or torn clothing. I must have just gotten home in the nick of time!

Oh, but what is this???? It's his coin! And his tatted shamrocks! Someone tried to rob him!

Ah, thanks be to the Irish spirit in him! He told me he never saw them coming but they were huge and pushed him off the chimes and batted him around. He thought he was a goner and kept his eyes tightly shut - and then....he heard me open the door!

Well...I have an idea who his attacker was. There are FOUR suspects so we'll just try to narrow it down.

This is Skunk, the leader of the pack. He is the oldest and claims his territory regularly, but he's lazy and once he claims a spot, he hardly moves from it for weeks at a time. Besides, he is missing some crucial teeth and likes to only chew on soft stuff.

Next in line is Chewie, named after the famous Star Wars wookie because of her coloring. She is the smallest but only a year younger than Skunk and she is his half sister, born the following year. She likes to groom him from time to time and she certainly claims her territory right next to him. Sometimes I think she actually has the upper hand even if she is tiny and can't meow very loud. She's got a whale of a HISSSSS though. She's not too playful either and likes to tell everyone what to do without too much action herself.

Now this fellow, Dillon, is sneaky. When he first came here and Skunk and Chewie were still outside, HE claimed the house for himself. When the others came in, he got knocked down a notch or two but he likes to sneak up on everyone, cat and human alike, and rub on them. He's very inquisitive and sometimes agitates the others on purpose. He's certainly a more likely culprit than the first two.

And now we have Diogi...low kitty on the Cat pole. For that reason alone, I think she may be harboring a grudge and takes it out on anyone she can. I've also caught her on top of the entertainment center. She certainly has had me fooled with the way she always acquiesces to the others. I think she's just been biding her time.

Unfortunately, I cannot prove it so everyone is free for now. In the meantime, I brought Cormac into my computer/craft studio where he will remain safe as I keep the door closed.

Thank goodness he lives to celebrate another St. Paddy's Day!!!!!


  1. What a relief that he is safe after such an ordeal! Yowza that was close!

  2. Oh! poor Cormac! I am glad he is ok!

  3. St Patrick himself must be protecting him.

    He banished the snakes from Ireland so those moggies better watch out...NO ONE HARMS LEPRECHAUNS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!
    May the Leprechaun force be strong!

  4. Oh my glad Cormac is ok. Poor little guy.