Saturday, January 30, 2010

Begorrah! It's a Leprechaun

It’s not every day that a leprechaun comes to live with you.
This one landed shortly before the Christmas holidays.
Introducing Ciarrán!

His name is Ciarrán (pronounced /key-ran’/) and he’s no trifling sprite.

One of a series of emissaries from the Emerald Isle, this pint-sized ambassador was hand-picked out of seven applicants to supervise the lace making endeavors of IsDihara.

“Receiving one is like hitting the jack pot o’ gold,” she said.

Ciarrán at teatime with new pals.

Seven leprechauns were dispatched around the globe in 2009. Each one arrived with a tatted sash, a skein of hand-dyed thread draped over his shoulder and an Irish coin in his grasp.

Judging from the twinkle in Ciarrán’s eye, the clever leprechaun no doubt has a few roguish pranks up his sleeve and has wasted no time shaking things up around his new household.

Ciarrán riding bareback

After spying a Christmas crèche, he leaped onto the back of a wise man's camel with an exuberant, "Chugainn, ar aghaidh linn," (Gaelic for Let's go!) and rode it around the house.

Ciarrán keeps mum about his crock of gold but waxes lyrical about the superiority of all things Irish. And make no mistake, he loves the attention he has received since his arrival.

When asked how Ciarrán came to live with her, IsDihara replied, “At the end of December a package arrived in the mail. I opened it to find a tantalizing, silver-wrapped gift that gave off a barely perceptible hiccup.”

Startled, she tore open the wrapping. Out sprang an antsy little elf, saying, “Where’s the loo?”


  1. Your life will never be the same! ; ) Congratulations!

  2. What a delightful post! I enjoyed this immensely. Diane is right - your life will never be the same! Oisin certainly keeps me on my toes. Enjoy!

  3. Gosh, thanks everyone! It is my first post here. Another one is coming...

    I must say, chronicling Ciarrán's antics is a lot of fun!

  4. Yup, your life will not be your own. Very demanding ar our Leps; however, they are so lovable that their pranks and remarks are welcomed interruptions.
    Donnacha say's "How Do, Cousin"…Can't wait to hear more from your new friend. Bev and Donnacha in New Mexico.

    Donnacha is 'nagging' (has been nagging' me to take a photo of him in his Serape that he talked me into getting for him while in El Paso. Perhaps this weekend that can happen. Right now he is just shaking his head at Roosters and asking, "When are THEY leaving?" LOL

  5. Great post! Rory and Conor were wondering who else was going to show up in the family! Give Ciarran a some lep love from us!!

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  7. William says Hello!! Great post about Ciarran arrival. And Glad you put the pronounciation there, I would have been saying his name wrong. Have fun keeping Ciarrn out of trouble!!

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