Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello,  My name is Lorcan and  I have been sent to live with Wendy in England.  Here in Kent at the moment it is very cold and snowy.   I tried sitting in the garden to get some sun, but as you can imagine I didn't stay long!

Here I am in the study, sitting on Wendy's desk.  I am going to help her with her designing and tatting and will post again soon.  I am very happy here and am well looked after.  It is nice to see Oisin and Fergal again and keep in touch with my roots.


  1. Fergeal wants to know if you got to build a Snow-Leprechaun? It looks pretty chilly for a little leprechaun without his coat! no wonder he didn't stay outside for long. He looks happy enough tho'.

  2. Lorcan doesn't like the snow? I don't blame him. My William won't go out in this weather either. Good luck with the designs. I bet Lorcan will come up with some good ones!!

  3. Sorry Fergal, it was too cold to build a snow Leprechaun. I wasn't out there long.
    Hello William, glad to meet you.. I don't really like the snow. I think I'll hibernate until the summer... Lorcan

  4. thats nice i like snow house with pupet , lol house and chair are in equal height