Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day from Feargal, Tadgh and Nolliag.

Leprechauns were spotted cavorting in the Shamrock.

Tadgh managed to locate the only snake left in Ireland after St Patrick banished them and cavorted all round the house on him while Shamrock's fell all around.

Feargal went to Brownies for the very first time last Friday.
Mostly he just sat on the toadstool and watched.

He sat and watched the fun....

....this is my favourite meeting of the year....I loaded up 4 bags from my collection, from my friend in Mississsippi, of all things green. Mostly necklaces but also dubloons, snakes, tankards, pipes and all sorts of novelties thrown from the floats.
They HAVE to jump up and down and shout
'throw me something Mister!' while we hurl them up into the air. I particularly like the sound of the dubloons tinking as they hit the ground.
I used to think that all American parades were like this! are they???
My daughter is in Canada at this very moment so I am dying to know what happens there.

Can you feel the excitement??
No prizes for guessing that the one in the big hat at the back is me! When I arrived with my hat and my neck festooned with necklaces and my green and orange earrings made by my daughter,,,,the other leaders remarked....'understated as usual!!'

Then we have our parade, they begged to let Feargal join in...
...he was in his element.
At the end of the day they have to give it all back so that Brownies next year can enjoy it all over again. But I do give them each a necklace, I have given hundreds away over the last few years. If I stay in Brownies much longer I will need to restock!!

It's a National Holiday today, we were promised the warmest day of the year so far but it's actually overcast and quite chilly with out the record breaking sunshine we have been getting. We will watch the parades all over the world on TV.
Hope you all have a happy happy day. The lads wish all their cousins and siblings a happy day and lots of mischief! He needs to know what you all did! Nollaig is a bit stunned by it all so far.
PS. Feargal has yet to tell me who he appointed as his NPDA!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great day in green here :-)
    x x x

  2. Hi Soggibottom, nice to have you on board.