Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feargal in Toronto and the story of Maebh!

Feargal landed safely in Toronto along with Finnbarr and Maebh!

Now you didn't know that Maebh was traveling with this is the story of Maebh.

Maebh came along in a bit of a hurry...she never wants to wait....when we heard that a Leprechaun was urgently needed in Toronto...something to do with a boss and a mini boss...oh and a cat....and the need for a boss to boss them all...
....that job just suited Maebh.
Maebh (pronounced Mayv-e)is named after the the great warrior  Queen of Connaught. the name means 
the cause of great joy or she who intoxicates....
I think I will go for the first option!! and hope that she brings great joy to Fox.
Maebh was obstinate right from the start....she wanted to wear a skirt, not the normal leprechaun shorts. We had to get a special dispensation from Lep HQ to let this happen...yes I know that this IS Lep HQ...but she didn't know that.
So she is the first Lep to sport a skirt....I think this does restrict her activities a little! especially with other leps around!
She likes pink!
She wanted a pink skirt
standards have to be maintained.
A leprechaun's uniform is red, green and gold...and that's final!!

So she insisted on a pink belt...Maebh insists on a lot of things.

So here she is....

She wears her hair in plaits with pink bows, has white stockings and carries her lucky money in her left hand and she says that she is right handed and can't do anything much with that coin in her right hand!!

She hopped straight up on to my mug rack, crossed her legs, and refused to come down.
Feargal was taken aback and begged her to come down.....
...but she wouldn't so he hopped up and sat beside her....
hoping to chat her up...get to know her....
Finally she agreed to pose for a family photo, for the album.

When Feargal and Meabh landed in Zurich, she was supposed to stay under wraps and not be seen gadding around with the lads.
She kept a very low profile and was allowed to pose for another family photo.
Notice how demurely she keeps her legs crossed, showing only a hint of petticoat...
.....that's Lep Academy training for you!

She is hinting that she would like a tatted trim on her stockings and on her skirt....I hope it keeps fine for her.

Stop press...just heard that Scarlett has landed in Toronto....with her Mary Poppins bag of lep addresses.
Will keep you updated!

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  1. Enjoyed reading about the leps and how Maebh came to be!