Saturday, May 22, 2010

Danny's Vacation-Part 1

Danny really enjoyed our recent vacation in South Carolina, even though being from Ireland, he was a bit less interested in the historic parts than the rest of us.

His favorite part was lunch at an Irish pub.

Being a little shorter that the rest of us, he was the first to notice this beautiful little drinking fountain in White Point Gardens....

...and this lovely lady in front of an antique shop.

Here he is on the Fort Sumter ferry, with another ferry boat in the background.

Like many native Charlestonians, he enjoyed walking on the Ravenal bridge over the Cooper river.

Here he is on the bridge with downtown Charleston behind him.


  1. Love the Irish Pub pic! Very funny!
    Fox : )

  2. Lovely pics, looks like he had a great holiday. I am sure he needed it, and you too. Hope he didn't drink too much Guinness and embarrass you!