Monday, September 13, 2010

Leps at Palmetto

Danny, Feargal, and Miss Scarlette all came with me to the Palmetto Tatting conference. Friday morning, Danny wanted to tell me something, but seemed to be having trouble getting started. Finally, as tactfully as he could, he said, "We've already seen all of your class projects. Instead of coming to class with you, could we explore on our own? We promise not to get into any trouble." Leps not get into trouble? Especially with their history of diving into the thread bins in the vendor room? Needless to say, I was dubious until Scarlett promised to keep an eye on them. Sure enough, I did not hear any reports of misbehavior. Well, there was a rumor of leps swinging from the flower arrangements, but Danny said, "Not me!" and Feargal said, "Not me!" and even Scarlett said, "No, ma'am," so I had to believe them.

At the banquet, if the boys started to get too rambunctious, Miss Scarlett had only to raise her eyebrow or shake her head, and they would settle down immediately. Amazing. So I had to believe they had been good boys.

It was just the three of them at first. Fergus was feeling under the weather and had to stay home. Ciarran was there, but was staying off campus and they kept missing each other. Finally they were all together at the same time and place.

What a sweet reunion!

Danny knew all along that it would be time for Feargal and Scarlett to move on to their next visit. As they went away with Ciarran, he smiled and waved goodbye, and I pretended not to notice that his chin was starting to quiver a bit.


  1. Oh.... that brought a tear to my eye! The Leps together is a grand sight! Lucky you were able to catch the photo op!
    Fox : )

  2. this has nothing to do with your post here, I just wanted to send you a note, so you don't have to publish this... first off, I too am in NM, over a bit south of Clovis and Portales :D just think it is neat to meet another NM tatter, no one around here tats so I am always on the look out. I read your comments to Fox and I have to say, anyone who puts down your artistic attempts or design ability because you didn't use math in a program or something silly like that, is a pretty crappy person, let alone teacher imo. of course things are going to be messed up until it gets figured out, there are going to be lots of screw ups and lots of throw aways, one thing I did, because I don't design on the computer, is I made a stitch guide, I stitched up a long piece, with several diff length of chain, with picots and some rings of diff sizes on it. when I am trying to think of how a piece will fit between 2 picots or stretch between 2 rings or how many rings I need between 2 clovers etc, I grab that and see what fits, and then try and work from there... so far no one has wanted to make any of my designs either, but I don't care, I make for myself and have fun doing it, and I take lots of other designs and alter them with my own additions. designing isn't about someone elses math, it is about how you feel something might look pleasing to your eye, don't ever be put off because one single person is sour and snooty :)also remember, a book is always written from the opinion of the person writing it. and everyone has an opinion. If it pleases you, then it doesn't matter what someone else thinks, just look at picaso, and now his paintings are worth millions, lolol... I would lobve to see you draw out something and design it and take a picture. :)