Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blathnaid gets a makeover

Since my little lep was such a help to me throughout my difficult pregnancy I decided to give her a little makeover.
Blathnaid aka Brenda, sister of Brendan the Navigator (who is off on his own adventures)has a new hairdo.
What do you think? It's a very modern asymmetrical bob. She wanted something stylish yet easy to maintain. Also, for her one year anniversary as a member of the Pence clan, I gave her a pearl necklace to match her pearl earrings. And for Christmas I decorated her leprechaun hat.

Blathnaid loves Piccadilly (naturally) and she likes to watch over baby to make sure I am doing a proper job as mum!
Just thought I would share. Since Blathnaid has been so quiet these past few months we don't want her leprechaun cousins to think she went off on her own adventures (like her brother) or, heaven forbid, become an uppity snob. Quite the contrary, she has been busy helping me with this and that.
She wants to make sure I tell all her lep cousins, "Happy New Year"! So lep moms across blogland please let your leps know that Blathnaid says "Hi".


  1. Maebh has been dancing with glee since she read this post. She had hoped that Blathnaid would take to overseeing the parenting induction in the way that she has. She sends grand green greetings to your household and eagerly awaits more pictures of Piccadilly as she grows.

    She also loves the haircut, but has been gripping her braids protectively as The Cat has been eyeing the scissors...
    ♥ Fox : )

  2. Thank you for your ideas. I was thinking that "something" needs to go in that blank space. I am just learning tatting and this is the first actual thing I have made. I've been messing around with learning the different techniques and trying different chains and motifs.

  3. Such a beautiful baby. Congrats. I love the new bob on your Lep. Very cute.