Tuesday, April 7, 2009

William Found What He Was Looking For

William is back from his trip. He was away for a few days. He realized it was almost St. Patrick's Day and he couldn't find his pot of gold. He looked everywhere for it and it was no where to be found. So he took off and was chasing down all the rainbows he could find. We had one over our garage ......

He ran outside and went to the end of the rainbow, but there was no pot of gold.

So he went to the other end of the rainbow. Still no pot of gold :(

But he was not going to give up. He found another rainbow and went to the end of this rainbow and he found what he was looking for, his pot of gold.......

Here is a closer view of William's Pot of Gold.

William hopes everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!!

(For the pot I used Jane Eborall's Basket pattern, minus the handle. I love this little tatted basket.)

I also wanted to share a picture of William laying around in a field of Shamrocks. William got into my tatting again and took all my tatted Shamrocks and layed down in the middle of them all. LOL!


  1. I am so glad William found his pot of gold. But, PLEASE, don't tell Oisin! Do you think they can communicate with each other telepathically, or just with Fergal and Pamela? We could all be in trouble! The rainbows are beautiful. The tatted basket is very sweet and so much gold. I may have to tat a basket and see if it will fill up.

  2. Willam is just soooh lucky, whatever he puts his mind to he does. Maybe we should set him the task of finding Brendan!

  3. I'll have William keep an eye out for Bendan. He hasn't heard from him in sometime now. Wonder what kind of mischief he is getting into. LOL!

  4. Ha! Is he homesick? Cormac is still at my work. Been there since St. Patrick's Day. My photos were blurry so I didn't post any. He is currently hanging out in a cup on my microwave which has some mint chocolate sticks and some honey sticks for stirring in tea. I think he just likes greeting people who come in to use the microwave, like now.