Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lace Day in Lafayette is LOVELY

Sorry for the long post, but whew! Where to begin. I had such a great time, I guess I will start there.
I took Conor with me to his first Lace Day..(here he is held by his newest friend..Laura.)
I arrived around 10, and was met in the parking lot by Mary Harris, asking if I needed help. Such a nice lady. I didn't but it was sweet of her to ask. Then, I went inside, and was quickly greeted by Laura Bobay, Ladytatterly, and Gina Brummett, Tattinggoddess! They are great ladies, and always a lot of fun to be with. Laura intoduced me to her "newbie" tatters, or her Tatter Tots, as she calls them. Kaye, Chris, and Dee.(I think her name is Chris, if not, Laura, please correct me!). Laura gave me the coolest gourds she had brought, and had made the cutest hedgehog out of one. His name is Hector! Isn't he precious?
Well, to make an incredibly long and lovely story short, we mingled, met new friends, and older ones. Diane, the Lace Lovin Librarian was there. She is such a sweet lady. I met her at the last Lace Day, two years ago. Great to see her again. She told me that she had made one of the raffle prizes that I won.
Did I say raffle PRIZES? Oh, yes. I won 5 of the raffle items! Wow! I couldn't believe it! Having brought Conor with me is the only reason I can think of that I got so lucky. My little Leprechaun brought his mommy the luck of the Irish! Here he is with Mary Harris, one of his new friends.
Here is also Gina, tatting away, in her oh- so- scarce spare time.
Here is a photo of all the items I won. I won a stack of Sewing and Threads magazines, in the first set of raffles. I don't sew, but my Mom and Sister will have a lot of fun reading them.
Then came the second round of raffles... omg! I won the beautiful beaded amulet bag that Gina made. So pretty! I thought, cool, I can go home very happy to have won something so great. But then, I won the bag from Diane, too! A lovely bag, it was woven on her Weavette loom and the handle is Romanian point lace braid, a very pretty pattern on it, and it had the green snowflake like motif and bookmark she tatted inside! PLUS, a gorgeous hankie. I was feeling REALLY lucky now. A couple of other ladies won the next two raffles, and then, I won the Cattern Cakes and Lace book raffle and the Honiton Lace book, spool holder, and thread raffle. WOW, again, I was in shock at my luck. I know I had only put one ticket in for the Honiton book..
I had brought this for show and tell. I was showered with such compliments, I am STILL blushing! Everyone was asking how I made them, and how long it took and such, I felt like a celebrity! heehee.
Here are a few other photos I took. This is the showroom..I made a panoramic picture of it so you could see the whole thing at one glance!
Another panorama of the meeting room... The Lace display, Things to put things in...oh such lovely stuff here!
Someone, I think it was Charlotte?, brought in this sweeter than sweet Greyhound. I HAD to pet him..Laura reminded me I couldn't have him.. thanks Laura..
But, being the dog lover I am, I was so happy to see him. This is Charlotte with him. Betty is behind him giving him a hug.
I think I will stop here. I may have some other photos in my other camera, I will check later, but, you can tell by the LONG post, Conor and I had a fabulous time. I hope you enjoyed my blog about the day!


  1. What a wonderful first lace show for Conor. I can tell everyone had a great time and I'm positive Conor brought you the "luck of the Irish". How else could you have won all that? I'm so glad you both had fun.

  2. What a super time for you and Conor, Fergal is jealous that Conor knows so many famous and grand tatters.