Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Danny

It's going to be a quiet St. Patrick's Day at Danny's house since Mom's post-op meds don't mix with alcohol. A mug or two of brew would have been nice....

Danny, being a good natured sort, resigns himself to another day of drinking tea.


  1. Good old Danny, looking after his mum just like a good leprechaun should!
    Love his teapot and cup, now that's a spoiled lep too,if ever I saw one.
    Looks like his mum is feeling a bit like her old self again.
    Take care of each other and have a happy day.

  2. If Danny is anything like Oisin, tea is the strongest thing he needs! I have enough trouble with him sober. Besides, he would be a bad influence on Isaac who loves him dearly and really looks up to him.
    He really is spoiled with his own teapot and cup. I like his mum's teapot very much too!
    Hope you are good as new soon.