Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bendan gets in touch!

Fergal got news from Brendan today....they seem to have been in touch by leprechaun telepathy for a while!! Fergal had kept telling me not to worry and I have tried to say the same to his mum.

Anyway today Brendan managed to send some photos to Fergal through his lep-phone which fortunately he says he held on to tightly when he took his tumble from his mum's bike.

He says to tell her that he didn't mean to run away...honest..it was an accident.
He set off to walk back to Korea but he got lost and was picked up by some nice people who were on holiday and he has been traveling with them ever since. He hopes that he is getting nearer home...but geography was never his strong point...but he is sure that he can make it back some day.

At the moment he is staying in a posh hotel overlooking the sea and is happy to be seeing so many places...but he does miss his mum. He can't get in touch with her directly as his lep-phone only works to other leps.

He says to tell her not to worry..he thinks she will be going somewhere nice soon and wishes her a happy St Patrick's day and the same to all his other lep siblings and cousin.

If anyone can tell Fergal where they think Brendan is Fergal would feel happier.


  1. Oh what a relief! I was so worried! It's good to know that he is having adventures and I can't wait for him to come home and tell me all about them.

    Thank you Fergal for the update!

    Happy St. Pattys day!

  2. yeah it's cool isn't it, thank goodness for new technology!! Oh and I forgot to say that Brendan said that he called out to you after he fell off but you disappeared...and he saw you come back but he couldn't get over to you fast enough!! what a pity but he sounds to be ok and having fun.

  3. This is terrible. I know you must miss each other terribly! Hopefully Brendan will find his way home soon. I don't think I will tell Oisin and spoil his fun today. I'll tell him tomorrow.

  4. Are you sure he's not with the Travelocity Gnome???

  5. I remember that gnome too, he was an english gnome wasn't he? Gosh is this a copycat leprechaun. He must be smart!!