Tuesday, July 7, 2009

115 Degrees in AZ...get the point?

Donnacha perches upon needles for this photo taken between Wickenburg and Phoenix, AZ

This is a "still" from a hilarious video taken by DH (an accident) and viewed by very, very few!
If it were longer, I'd send it to America's Funniest Videos.... Oh! That's Bev, Donnacha's human. There is also a short video of Donnacha waving at the Cacti because HE thought they were waving their arms at him! If he can figure out how to share it, he will.


  1. Hello to Donnacha and Bev. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves. I'm with Fergeal - Ouch!

  2. What a fabulous vacation! Dom - you really must come here to the midwest too when you have a chance. Lots of clover around!

  3. Oh I'd love to bring my person to the Midwest. I hear she has LOTS of cousins there! BTW I brought home one friend that I found and DH bought him for me...he's a bit bigger than I ~ but he is smiling!
    I wasn't the only one who received an 'OUCH'..My person was trying to follow DH instructions and turned right into the cacti...LOL I say it's Karma for sitting me between the thorns...