Monday, July 13, 2009

I won at the fair!!! by Conor

Oh Joy! I have had a great time this weekend! My mom was going to put my best friend, pd the dragon, in the fair, and since I couldn't live without him for a whole week, I begged her to let me go, too! Well, she did and guess what? We BOTH won 1st prize blue ribbons! We are so proud. And, it is a good thing we both won, too, that way there will be no teasing by the winner to the loser. Mom said she will take better photos of us when she picks us up on Sunday. In this picture, I was so exhausted from the excitement I had to lay down. It is very cool, people coming by constantly to visit us and smile! I miss Mom, as I have to be away for a whole week, but I will see her on her visits to the fair. If you want to see more of the stuff she won ribbons on, check out her blog!

Bye for now... Conor


  1. Congratulations Connor! I'd take a rest too, after being so busy at the fair. Tell Capt. Jack, "hello" from your cousin in New Mexico....Donnacha

  2. congratulations Conor, you are famous! Your mum is a star. Love Fergeal.

  3. Hooray for Conor! Of course you won. You are terrific! I know you and your mom miss each other, but it's worth it. Can't wait to see the other pictures. Congratulations to all of you!