Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brendan arrived!

Now Brendan was a bit of an afterthought.....some leprechauns kids ya know!!

Sherry P moved up and down at the top of the list as poor Fergal tried to decide who should have the 5 leps that I had made for this Christmas's exodus to the world....and well she got knocked off the did TattingChic by........and....... who I have known for such a long time and are such good friends.

I was at least 3 leps short for new friends I really wanted to send one to...but they take such a long time to make...and it's particularly hard to make a nice face and that's soooh important.

Well then I read Sherry's blog about how sad she was feeling about Korea and Christmas...that hubby was going to be working on Christmas day and she was going to be I can tell you how bad I felt that she had not got her lucky lep.

Out came the lep kit and I spent my day conjuring up Brendan...and his face came out really nice...he is a sweet little fellow....and off he went in the post.

Two weeks later and I was beginning to worry......but finally the little fella turned up in South Korea on Christmas Eve...was I relieved.

(I am sorry that Chic didn't get one this year but lets face it she is such a lucky Chic already!! with all the draws she has won. But Chic you are now at the very top of the list...honest!)

One of the key things to being a lep mum is that you must have a sense of humour...a particular kind of sense of humour....wicked!! ....some may call it childish...I prefer youthful and fun loving!!

Let's allow Sherry to narrate...all the stuff in italics!!

And here is Brendan...Ta da! After such a long trip, I think he was a bit miffed at first to find he had landed in Korea...but he quickly adjusted and is now making friends.

I gave Brendan the run of the house so that he could get himself acquainted. Since Andy was the first face that Brendan saw, he immediately bonded with my giant Leprechaun of a husband. .... Well, Andy is unnaturally lucky AND very mischievous!
I must explain that Andy was the one who collected the package from the post office and opened it!!

Then Brendan saw Chloe. Chloe is a cousin that is visiting for the holidays while her parents are in America.

And being the bold animal lover that he is....he acquainted himself with Chicane! isn't he just gorgeous...Chicane that is..don't make the lep big headed!!

...and he was ecstatic to find my HDT reminded him of his old home!

He tried out her mini tree for size and liked it....just his size!

....and finally I told him he could give a "shout out" to all his brothers! So...Hi Oisin, Killian, Danny, Cormac, William, and Fionn!
oops she didn't remember that my Fionn had to change his name to Fergal as some baby!! decide to have the same name!!

Doesn't this happy smiling face make it all worth while.

Hi Sherry and Brendan.


  1. Very nice post Pamela. You have made so many people so happy! (And given others something to look forward to next Christmas.)

  2. Yes, my Brendan DOES have a sweet face! But we'll keep that between us. As you said, we wouldn't want the leps head to get any bigger! I DID forget that Fionne is now Fergal...and I get the feeling there are more Leps out there.......

    I'm so glad for this blog so that we can keep everything straight.

    ~Brendan and his keeper

  3. Our leps definitely don't need to get bigger heads!

    I am glad that you like the blog. Soon you will be able to post to it anytime you like. (With Brendan's help, of course.)

    ~Oisin and his keeper