Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introducing Oisin

Oisin was next to arrive..he had travelled to Alabama and as his new mum put it...

He had already freed himself from his "accomodations" as he was tired and a little breathless. He said he had no idea why it took him so long to get here, but he'd had it with that box!

The first thing that he did was to jump on to Laura's globe and show here where he had come from.....

...she thinks he is very knowledgable about geography....he must have learned that in the lep academy he certainly didn't get it from his mum!! I think he is going to like Alabama as he already said that it was much warmer than where he came from!!

I will let his new mum do the narration.....Then he jumped from the globe to my tree covered in Hallmark miniature ornaments. He love it! They are just the right size for him to play with. I had no idea Leprechauns could move about so quickly. I never actually saw how he moved from place to place except when he jumped from the globe to the tree. I think he must wiggle his nose and "Pop" from place to place.

After that he spotted his "birth" mum's Rainbow Bright thread on my snowflake tree and had to be sure it was being properly displayed. He did give me his approval, thank goodness.

As you can see, he has now found suitable accomodations. He had heard about Southern living and always wanted to see a real log cabin. Now he has one of this own. It is a little small, but according to Oisin it is just right. That is very good because he is just right too! He is the cutest thing and has a string of shamrocks tucked into his belt. I just know we are going to have great adventures together.

Oh my! Oisin sure landed on his feet when he took up residence in Alabama..he has his own piece of real estate!! just look at his house!

Oisin has already started on a course in college but I will leave his new mum to tell you all about that...he is obviously the brainy one of the far that is.
Maybe Cormac will go to Uni too and Killian to school...I wonder.

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  1. This is great Pamela! You described everything perfectly. I will add more pictures and fill in recent activities when you are ready.