Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cormac has been pestering me to share our visit with Carol and Conor last weekend so here we are finally!

We met at Pepé's in Frankfort,IN for lunch. Introductions were made all around and we're all sitting here chatting, with the boys getting to know one another. Well, both Cormac and Conor were excited about the Salsa. They'd only heard about salsa in Ireland, a more meat and potatoes place, and the saucy enticement of salsa (and salsa dancing!) consumed their chatter far longer than I would have expected. C''s only salsa! LOL!

They also compared outfits. Conor's Americanized version was amazingly accurate compared to Cormac's traditional Irish garb. Cormac told me later that he thought I should make him something like that....just for a change of clothes now and then.

Oooooh....who is that lurking in the background? Cormac and Conor were getting really chummy here. I think they were trying to figure out a way to get us to buy them Margarita's, but given it was barely noon, I think they knew better than to try too hard. But WHO is that back there????

Ha! The Johnny Depp Pirate! He joined us briefly, just to show off his ruffles and jewels and the monkey on his back. What a loveable pair! Wish I'd gotten a good photo of them but you can always see them on Carol's blog.

And before we left, the wonderful waitress took our photo. Who knows what she thought of us going on and on about our little friends there? LOL!

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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts on the visit. It looks as if the four of you had a great time. Wait a minute. Nobody told me any of you knew Captain Jack Sparrow! I might have flown to meet you had I known he was going to be there!