Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leprechaun's Lunch!!

Leprechaun's Lunch
(transposed post from Battatter's Blogger)
Hello All!
Today there was a Leprechaun's Lunch at Pepe's, a local Mexican restaurant. Gina had an art class in town today, so we decided our little Leps should have a playdate. They were so pleased to meet each other! They were quite happy that they looked so similar, too. Cormac was a little cutie, and Conor told me later, that he loved hanging out with his little Irish cousin.
As you can see, they did some "salsa" dancing together, and then hang out and had some nachos. The Leps had their fun, and so did Gina and I. We talked about tatting, I did let her in on what my secret Project X is, (dun dun duuuun). We also talked about other things and had a very nice lunch!
Here is a picture of Gina and myself, with the Leps in the center... see them?, and, as usual, I have my eyes closed! Thanks for the nice little getaway, Gina and Cormac, we will have to do it again soon.


  1. This is too priceless! I love the salsa dancing. Think they could teach me? (I can answer that.) I am so glad the four of you had such a good time. Wish Oisin and I had been there.

  2. We had a great time! Cormac was polite enough not to insist on a Marguerita for lunch but as luck would have it, we ate Mexican again that night and that time, he did. Strawberry. LOL!

  3. Fergal is very jealous but secretly loved to see his sibling and his cousin get together.
    Hope this is the start of many worldwide get togethers.

    Marguerita's indeed!! what has he been learning!! He didn't learn that in Lep Academy.

  4. Oh Margarita! I KNEW I forgot something! I was going to get one! Dang it!(though I get them without alcohol, I still love them!)

  5. But we really need to read Cormac's account of the meeting too!