Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(((Oh Bring back my Brendan to me, to me)))

Brendan "The Voyager" and infamous tatting leprechaun was last seen in Phu Quoc (an island off of Vietnam). Any information leading to his whereabouts will be greatly rewarded. Although we think he may be exploring Asia he is clever and resourceful enough to be anywhere in the world by now. He mentioned something about New Zealand a few days before his mysterious disappearance.

I miss him desperately.....


  1. Honey I think I saw yer leprachaun, he was driving a big old Chevy doolie down a dirt road, heading towards Lubbock it looked like. He could drive really well for such a small thing. There was a ticket to Ireland on the dash. I think he may be planning to visit his homeland?

  2. Well, he is a cheeky little monkey, isn't he? I hope you find him. I would be heartbroken if Oisin ran away from home. So would Isaac! The slideshow is so cute. I'm sure he'll be back home soon. He can't stay away from such a loving family too long.

  3. OOOOOOH Precious photos and clever clever blog.
    I love it. Thank you for creating it. Love your darling dogs. See my new one at my blog.
    Happy days,