Sunday, January 25, 2009

...sincerest form of flattery part 2
Conor wanted to thank everyone for welcoming him in such a big way. He has had comments from cousins and their Moms, and was really excited to hear from his creator, Tatskool! Yes, his stone in his neckerchief is sparkly, but I didn't have an Irish coin (I think that is what his cousins have) so he has a little gold piece I was given as a gift.
He wanted me to make sure everyone knew he was tatted. Some people thought he was just like his cousins, but he is a little different. So, here is a closeup of him, just in case anyone wants to see.
He has been running all over the house making friends. First, he ran into Boudica, at first he was a little scared, but she is friendly, and soon they were playing trampoline on her web. Next, he met Hoggle. He really loved her from the beginning. She even let him move into her house with her. Here he is with her and giving a big thumbs up on top of his new house. I have been asked about a pattern. I just wouldn't have a clue how to write one out. It is very much like sculpting when I 3D tat like this. I just try to make things come out like they look in my head.

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