Saturday, January 10, 2009

I had to leave fairly early this morning to get to my lace meeting and then I met up with my Russian friend, Elena, to give her and her daughter my Christmas gifts. She fed me, way too much as usual, and invited me to the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra tonight so I have come home to clean up and change clothes.

Much to my chagrin, I found Cormac lurking in the wine cellar (so to speak) and I just know he is up to mischief! Watch out Lady Shuttlemaker - get well quick or Brendan will be up to no good too! These leprechans seem to require close supervision.

So I've poked Cormac into the hanging pouch I was making and stuck him on the peg to sit all night in safekeeping - or at least until I come home again. From the grin on his face, I have a feeling my efforts to keep him out of trouble will be in vain.

What do you think????


  1. The hanging pouch looks very pretty and useful, but I sincerely doubt it will keep Fergal out of trouble. Plet me know how it went! I don't know how they get about as quickly as they do. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.

  2. Oh! he looks way too comfy to get up to any mischief. Lord of all he can see!

  3. Sorry I called Cormac Fergal. Silly me! I only just realized it.

  4. Fergal was flattered! he thought Cormac looked very handsome!!