Saturday, January 24, 2009

"You Can't Catch My Lucky Charms!"

Want to bet?

Never, ever take a Leprechaun to the grocery store. If you absolutely must, at least avoid the cereal aisle. Oisin went bonkers when he saw the Lucky Charms Cereal. He wasn't that flattered by the cereal company's depiction of a Leprechaun, but you can't win them all. I told him they had too much sugar in them, but he would have taken them out of the store without paying and I'm in no mood to go to jail!

As you can see, once we got them home he wasted no time opening and climbing into the box. It's evident he is plenty proud of himself.

"Mine, all mine indeed!" He tried to eat the whole box. Can you imagine how hyper he would have been then? He's hard enough to keep up with as it is. I think we will lock up the Lucky Charms and ration them out a few at a time!
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  1. Woweeeee!, Fergal thinks they look so cooooooool, AND he says look at all that calcium and Vitamin D Oisin is getting. He will be able to run a marathon!!

    Didn't we just know Oisin was the bold one, like his forefather. Maybe his mum should tell us more tales about his ancestor. I am sure all the leps would love listen with baited breath.

  2. ooooh! he is a hungry little fellow! So cute!

  3. Very cute! You guys are having too much fun! :)